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Student-Created Media

Media projects can be a perfect showcase for students’ ideas, research, subject knowledge, and media literacy skill set development. This program will provide insight into how educators of all ages can design student-created media assignments for authentic learning, with an emphasis on library-based perspectives. Hear case studies, in-depth overview of media project types, and questions to help assignment development, technologies to use, student media creation support services, and impactful transformative effects.

DATE: Monday, March 13, 2023


LOCATION: Online. Click here to register. 


Scott Spicer serves as Media Outreach Librarian for the University of Minnesota Libraries (Twin Cities), where he functions as head of the Libraries Media Services program. His primary responsibilities include outreach to instructors on the development and support for course-integrated student-created media assignments and commercial educational media resources. He has studied, published, and presented on a diverse range of media-related topics in higher education, including the benefits and library support of student-created media, educational media resources, media literacy skill set development, and multimodal scholarship with additional interests in emerging technologies. Notably, Spicer recently authored the book, "Student-Created Media: Designing Research, Learning and Skill-Building Experiences" (ALA Editions, 2022). A former chair of ALA’s Film and Media Round Table, he holds an M.L.I.S from Dominican University and an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction (Learning Technologies) from the University of Minnesota.