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Inequalities and Media Education - Webinar Series

The ‘Inequalities and Media Education’ (IME) webinar series will explore the relationship between media and inequalities as well as justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the (digital) media literacy and education space.

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How do people with varied exposure and skills in different contexts connect using digital and social media? What is the future of work in a digital society? How can issues of inclusion, equity, and dignity be addressed with media education? What can be done to cope with marginalization by socio-technical configurations that perpetuate structures of dominance on digital platforms? Can digital literacy help reduce digital divides? How can we leverage collaborative knowledge production to further media literacy?

The IME webinar series aims to ask these questions and delve deeper into some fantastic research conducted globally to understand how scholars have studied and aimed at reducing inequalities along with ramifications for media literacy and education.

The webinars will last 1 hour and the standard structure is as follows:

  • A 5 minute opening and introduction to the webinar

  • 20 minutes for presenters to talk about their work

  • 20 minutes for participants to delve into guiding questions and specific aspects of the topic

  • 15 minutes for everyone to share their thoughts, ask questions, and wrap up the session

Resources from and recordings of the session will be shared on this page within one week of the event.


September 26th - Artivism and the Fight Against Marginalisation in the Global South by Andrea Medrado & Isabella Rega


October 19th - FemWork by Payal Arora & Usha Raman


November 16th - Immigrant Influencers TikTok by Daniela Jaramillo-Dent


December 21st - Connectivity & Digital Disruption: The Digital Divide by Susan Wiesinger & Ralph Beliveau





January 15th -  by K.H.A. (Koen)Leurs, Annamária Neag, Sanne Sprenger, and Normand  Landry


We hope to continue engaging with our community and invite hosts for future meetings and discuss a cool book, podcast, video or any media related to our interests on inequalities. Please get in touch:

Jocelyn Young, Webinar Series Manager | 

Devina Sarwatay, Webinar Series Manager  |